Knight Rider (1982 TV Series)

Knight Rider (1982 TV Series)

Knight Rider was a television series aired on September 26, 1982, to April 4th, 1986. The show has four seasons and 90 episodes total. I still remember it was aired on local channel KUTP channel 45 in Phoenix, Arizona. Channel 45 was my favorite because of this television show. 😉 I used to watch it every day until I am so tired of it.

I am deaf, and my parents couldn’t afford a caption decoder. But what got me to watch the show? Of course a talking car. I also thought it was real life. LOL. Kids, huh? I love it even I had no idea what going on.

Okay. Let’s stop talking about TV show because this post is supposed to be about a childhood toy! 🙂 I remember I got this present from my parents for Christmas or my birthday. I was so happy that I have this toy. It also talks, too! Though I am deaf and no idea what it says, but it was awesome that I always playing around the house. Stop the criminals. Fight the criminals, and helping police. Of course, they thought Michael Knight was a troublemaker. I also was mischief with it. I was chasing animals with the car but my parents punished me for that. And I stopped chasing with the car.

Later, at the end of a toy car’s life, I was playing roughly as normal boys would do back in the 1980s. I broke a toy car’s roof, doors then when all the plastic of car come off all there was car seats and wheels. That’s it but I got worst until the point where the car seats actually come off. I decided to throw it away 🙁 because it all destroyed. Of course, that was about two years after I got the present and the stores don’t sell them anymore. I lost it and learned a lesson. But it was so fun to play with this toy car before I destroyed the toy car.

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